Cost of Interruptions

The Science of Interruptions: Your Cost to Productivity When the Unexpected Happens

As a small business owner, you know that every moment counts. When you’re not working for clients, you’re not earning money. It’s a trade-off to be in control of your time and creative work, but it means that one unexpected snag can send you into spiral that affects your overall productivity. It’s not even just […]
Learning on the fly

Customer Impact: The High Cost of Learning On the Fly

Your focus is design. You create gorgeous sites for clients that reflect their brand and image. That’s what you do, and you’re good at it. But what happens when the site goes down? You may not have the technical expertise to stop and fix things on the go to ensure limited down time. If you […]
Website Support

Website Fail: Client Down Time and Your Reputation

Your client, a small business owner who relies on your expertise to ensure their website is working, discovered a major problem on the page. What happens next? You spent all your time on your client’s brand, what happens when something breaks on the site? How can you dig in to figure out what happened and fix it fast enough that your client’s customers won’t notice the disruption?