Customer Impact: The High Cost of Learning On the Fly

Learning on the fly

Your focus is design. You create gorgeous sites for clients that reflect their brand and image. That’s what you do, and you’re good at it. But what happens when the site goes down? You may not have the technical expertise to stop and fix things on the go to ensure limited down time. If you need to stop and learn, it doesn’t just impact the direct client, but it can impact all of your clients. This tiny snowball can turn into an avalanche before you even notice. What happens next?

Delayed Deadlines

Dealing with an outage for one company will inevitably create a snowball effect for your other clients. If you have a website package due, but you run into a security problem or plugin failure for another client, how do you prioritize the work?

Obviously, you need to take the time to solve the crisis, but how do you break the news to your other clients that their website design will be delayed? This landslide of work will only compound if you need to take the time to learn the fix before you can return to your other projects.

Increased Workload

This also means increased workload for you. If you’re a designer who builds websites for other people, you likely started on the path to be your own boss so you could have flexibility and set your own hours. A crisis doesn’t wait for anyone.

Your increased workload will impact your other clients. It may even cause you to cut corners even when you wouldn’t normally slack off on projects. This bigger workload affects every aspect of your work, so there has to be a better way.

Impact to Site Visitors

Downtime means visitors to your clients’ websites don’t get the functionality they need or expect. Not only does an outage on one site affect that client’s ability to do their job, your other clients are relying on your design to market their products or services and get new customers.

When you need to shift your focus to crisis mode and ignore your other business, the impact is far reaching well beyond just the person paying the bills.

Call a Professional

Of course, none of this has to be done alone. You’re a designer not a tech support professional and you don’t need to be one. You can focus on the design aspects of your client sites and allow a specialist to handle the back-office aspects to ensure smooth operation for your clients.

Contact Site Trustee today to see how our support packages can augment your design business and give you and your customers peace of mind.