For Creative Agencies

SiteTrustee handles the technical side of web development and management, so you can focus on the creative.

We Build Solid Foundations for Online Brand Ambassadors

Creative Agencies appreciate working with people who understand how much the brand matters.

We are responsive - we even answer our phones! And it matters when that story you post on Instagram goes viral and web traffic goes through the roof.

SiteTrustee provides 24/7/365 monitoring plus security upgrades and ongoing site management, including hosting.

Creative Agency Support Services

WordPress Website Troubleshooting - we know how sites are built and we know the strengths and weaknesses of WordPress. We can be your technical support when it comes to resolving issues.

WordPress Website Management and Hosting - There's more to site management than hosting, and we know what's involved in managing a site as technology changes and security vulnerabilities are found. We can bring everything current on the site in the current environment, make sure it's healthy and then migrate it into our Management Program. And you can stop worrying about your clients' websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

The creative agencies we work with want to focus on the brand, the message and the marketing, not on the technical foundation of the website. 

We will fit in where you need us, and we will help you keep everything running optimally.

We will need admin access to the WordPress installation, so if your client is also an admin, they will know SiteTrustee is involved in their website's care.

Beyond that, we will work for you and through you if you prefer, or you can refer us directly to your client for website management and hosting. With our current set of agency clients, it's split close to 50/50.

We answer our phones and we monitor our help desk ticket system from 6 am to 9 pm ET. 

For the sites we manage, we have literal alarms set to text us if a site goes down. Most of the time, if a site does go down and a client calls us, we're already aware and working on the issue.

Our servers have a 99.9% uptime history. We can provide more -- up to "three nines" if the site is extremely high profile, but you'll want to ask for a quote on high availability hosting and failover provisioning, if that's needed.

Looking for Someone You Can Trust to Back You Up?

SiteTrustee will handle the technical side of your clients' WordPress websites and leave you free to drive traffic.

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