Is Your WordPress Page a Ticking Timebomb Without Updates?

You know people who don’t update their phones or computers on a regular basis. Some people wear it like a badge of pride. They get so annoyed with how the updates change things from what they’re used to, they can’t see the forest through the trees. The same is true with your WordPress site. If your site is working fine, you may ignore the core updates and let things continue as they are. But updates are important. Here are some of the reasons you shouldn’t ignore them. 

Site Security

When WordPress updates their site, they are doing it to fix bugs or make the site more compatible. If you are still using the old version, you won’t have the latest protection from the site itself. This can leave you vulnerable to security issues that will impact you and the end users. 

Even if it feels like a pain to update the system, know that the site programmers wouldn’t do it if it weren’t absolutely necessary. WordPress wants their platform to work seamlessly, so they update to ensure that it continues that way. 

New Updates

You may also be missing on essential updates that, while they might not affect the security of your site, will affect the overall usefulness of the site. For example, there may be core updates that impact the layout and format of your pages. When you update, you will preserve the look of your website design. 

But new updates also mean new features. When you update your WordPress site, you’ll have access to these features. It may change the way you interact with your site for a period of time, but they are released to make your life easier so it’s worth getting used to them sooner than later. 

End User Experience

Ultimately, your WordPress site isn’t just for you. It’s how you interact with your readers or customers. You want them to have the best possible experience every time they visit your site. Without upgrading, you may find that your users are experiencing compatibility issues and they may not let you know when they are. 

User experience, also called UX, is an important part of web design and running your own site or online business. 

Update Problems

Of course, no matter how hard you or the WordPress developers try, there will likely be the occasional issue with an update. Know that the more often you update when new features are rolled out, the less likely you’ll be to have problems. 

One thing we do see when someone tries to skip a few versions and waits to update is the loss of data. Not updating will cause many more problems than giving it a shot. 

You don’t have to do this alone.If you are concerned about updating your WordPress pages, contact SiteTrustee today