BASIC Site Monitoring

BASIC Monitoring      $29/month

This plan is for businesses that like their host or don’t want to move their site, but would like SiteTrustee to provide  monitoring of their site.   It does not include hosting or site management.

  • Monitoring
    • Security Check detects and reports malware
    • Performance Check - Tests website speed
    • Uptime Monitoring - notifications when site goes down
    • Vulnerability Updates - This check brings real time information about plugins that are vulnerable so they can be addressed.
  • Security
    • Daily off-site backup storage
    • Weekly Automated WordPress core, plugins and theme updates.  (Premium subscriptions are client’s responsibility to maintain)
  • Reporting
    • Monthly activity reports of automatic updates made to the site
    • Monthly broken links report

Actions Included

Not Included

  • 500 (server) errors investigated and cause reported to the reseller
  • If the site fails to load (white screen), the site will be restored from backup and the reseller will be notified
  • Troubleshooting cause of white screen (site load failure)
  • Research, update, reconfiguration of plugins to determine root cause of error
  • Replacement of vulnerable plugins
  • Fixing broken links
  • Site management 
  • Site hosting
Site Monitoring clients qualify for a discounted hourly rate for service.  See the rates page for details. 



External Hosting Options


Service Level Agreement: Basic Monitoring

    Urgent (site down or hacked)    8-hr. response