I Hate This: What Learning Something You Hate Does to Motivation

Angry About Learning

You love design. You really love it. You enjoy pulling together the color palate, assembling images, creating logos. That’s where you shine. You can express your creative side and help your clients put their best foot forward. Designing websites is part and parcel of that process, right? In today’s digital space, a well-designed website is an essential component of any business’s marketing package. But website creation isn’t just about design. It’s also about technology, coding, and troubleshooting. What happens when something breaks down in the system and you have to learn how to fix it? What if you hate that part? Having to do work you hate is one of the biggest killers of motivation. Let’s take a closer look at the way motivation breaks down when you’re faced with a task you dislike.

Dreading the Things You Love

Has this happened to you? You have to do something you don’t want to do, so you can even muster up the energy to do the things you love. It’s a spiral of challenges to your productivity. You get so overwhelmed by the things you don’t know how to do that you simply can’t do anything. It creates paralysis, which can negatively affect your business if it isn’t handled before it gets out of control.

Avoiding Problems

One of the ways we cope with things we don’t want to do is avoidance. The problems don’t exist if you simply don’t acknowledge them, right? The problem is, when you avoid major issues, they only compound. Ignoring something won’t make it go away, it’ll only create a monster when you finally get around to tackling it. And that continues the cycle of avoidance.

Toll on Your Personal Life

It sounds like hyperbole, but a lack of motivation in your work leads to challenges in all aspects of your life. If you hate what you’re working on day in and day out, it absolutely takes a toll on the way you interact with others. You may not mean to, but you’ll take your frustrations out on your friends and family. Don’t let this happen to you.

Unhealthy Habits

This kind of work can also cause a reliance on unhealthy habits. We’re not just talking about life-altering destructive behavior like alcoholism. We also mean the insomnia that will plague you while you’re too busy worrying about the work you haven’t done. And don’t forget the stress eating at your desk while you try to avoid tacking the problem.  

Effect on Your Self-Confidence

Resigning yourself to work you hate, or the work you’re not qualified to do, will have an effect on your self-worth. You love design. You’re good at design. When you create something that other people love, you feel great about yourself. But what happens when you spend all of your time on something you dislike doing only to find that you can’t do it. You’ll feel pretty bad about yourself and start to wonder if you’re just a big fake who can’t do any of it.  

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can actually spend your time doing the work you want to in your own business. Partnering with a company to handle the technical back-office aspects of your skillfully designed sites will benefit you, your clients, and improve your overall motivation. Feel good about providing these services to your customers and concentrating on what you love.

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