Strategic Web Development

A turnkey approach to web development: focused on the organization's goals and designed to deliver an effective website.

Strategy & Design

We will develop the strategy for the website, its design, content and functionality to meet the defined objectives.

We employ User Experience Best Practices for style and layout to make websites easy to use and intuitive.

Information Architecture & Content Creation
We will develop meaningful navigation and content to support the strategy and provide compelling reasons to engage with your organization.

People with disabilities will be able to perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the website.

Site Architecture

WordPress is an open-source content management system with a large development community.

  • Other platforms may have harder times finding developers to support the tools.
  • Hosted solutions (like Wix and SquareSpace) have limitations and are harder to customize, and the design created with their platform can't be "exported" for use elsewhere.
  • Non-technical companies don’t want to be in the software business. Custom-coded websites or less popular platforms and technology will only add to the corporate webmaster's frustrations.


Website page-load speed is a major requirement for both search engine optimization and user experience and is key for a successful website.

  • We use a lightweight theme that allows for just about any design with low overhead.
  • We use premium plugins (extensions) which provide better performance and support.
  • We prefer to keep custom programming minimal for maintenance reasons, but we also reduce the number of plugins for performance reasons.


We prefer to have our web development clients allow us to handle the ongoing management and hosting of their site.

If we do manage the site, we have a three-pronged approach…

  1. We harden the site, which adds layers of protection to reduce the risk of website attacks.
  2. Continuous (every 3 minutes) security scanning and monitoring
  3. Regular backups stored offsite,so if the site is compromised we can restore the site and investigate the intrusion.  This is covered by our ongoing website management.

Because WordPress is open source, it is a prime target for hackers.  But with our approach to site security, the risk can be minimal.