Is Your WordPress Backup Gone after 10 Days?

Your client called. They have a problem with their website that needs to be fixed immediately. After a quick look, you notice that you could roll back to a former update and solve the problem, but does that actually work? Using your backup to fix the current problem is only a short-term fix and it can only save you for about 10 days. Why? Before you use this as your go-to quick fix, consider these issues. 

It’s going to get complicated so buckle in!

Why Backup WordPress

You should backup your client WordPress sites for emergencies, but it shouldn’t always be relied upon for quick fixes. If that’s the case, why backup at all? 

You can store the backup on your computer or to the cloud for easy access when you do need it. Some reasons for backups include:

  • Server Outages
  • Hacking
  • Mistakes
  • Relying on Hosting to Backup

So yes, you should backup your WordPress sites regularly, but what else do you need to know? 

Restoring from Backups

The most common way to backup your WordPress sites is by using a Backup Plugin designed for the purpose of restoring your site to a previous version. However, that means if the plugin is no longer supported, you may not realize it until too late. 

Depending on what kinds of backup process you use, you may be able to access it directly from your dashboard to make the process easy. 

Where to Store Backups

However, where the process tends to break down for many designers is where they store the site backups. Keep in mind that if you have multiple clients, you will need to store multiple backups and this could bog you down very quickly. 

The biggest mistake is storing the backups in the same place that you keep the site itself. if something were to happen to that specific location, you’d lose the backups as well as the original site, negating the entire process of keeping backups. 

How Windows 10 Affects The Process

So why do you have a 10-day window for backups. That depends on a lot of factors. If you find that you’re having trouble with your computer, Windows 10 no longer allows you to go back to an earlier build if it’s been longer than 10 days. 

This may not affect Mac users, but it can become a major challenge for those who work with PCs. If you can’t restore your computer, you may lose any data that you saved as a result. That will cause huge problems for you, your clients and your business. 

There are dangers in expediency.The key is to know potential solutions before there’s a problem to be solved. You can do this by partnering with a company that specializes in the technical aspects of web design. Call Site Trustee today.