The 4 Most Critical Aspects of Your Website

Your website has a number of jobs. It’s there to bring people to your business. It informs potential customers about the work you do, how you do it, and tells your story. It can even function as a storefront to sell your goods and services. All of theses aspects are interconnected, but they come down to 4 critical areas of your website. What are they and how can you optimize those to have the best site for your business? 

User Experience

If your website is not accessible or easy to use by your core audience, it may as well be a brochure. And brochure sites went out of fashion quite some time ago. Today’s websites need to be interactive, mobile friendly, and easy to navigate. 

For a good user experience, you’ll need to have a professional site design and consistent branding. Your mobile interface needs to be optimized for small devices. You also want to look at your content such as headlines, blog posts, copy, images, and video to ensure that everything is relevant and engaging for the user. 

Search Engine Optimization 

Beyond the individual user, you also need to make sure your site is optimized for search engines. If search engines don’t index your site properly, you won’t have the traffic you need to ensure users find and utilize your site. 

SEO evolves regularly, so it’s important that you reassess often. You need to know your keyword rankings and use as well as the meta title and descriptions on your page. How friendly your page is to search engines will ensure your site is seen by the people who need it. 


All the UX and SEO in the world won’t help if you’re not able to convert views to business. A conversion rate assesses how long and what avenues it takes to make viewers into customers. You need to reassess conversion frequently so you can make micro adjustments all the time to improve this stat. 

How accessible is your website for prospects? How do you utilize call to action on your site? Have you made a unique sales proposition that will encourage people to contact you directly? And what tactics do you use to capture emails and leads? 

Performance and Security

And while all of this is important for you to run your business and get new customers, none of it is possible if your website isn’t at peak performance and secure. Data privacy, internet security, and cyber attacks are in the news a lot today, and small business websites are at risk, so it’s essential you mitigate that. 

You start by determining the access points to your information, such as through mobile sites. You need to see how well your website is performing by evaluating the page load speeds, browser caching, and compression. And you need to find out how your site stays secure to protect yourself and your user’s information. 

How can you know if all 4 aspects of your site are in sync and optimized? Contact the team at SiteTrustee for a website audit.