Prioritize Problems on Your WordPress Site

Prioritize WordPress Site Issues

The internet isn’t magic, no matter how much we want it to be. Most of us just want to turn it on and have it work. But when you’re running your own website on the WordPress platforms, it’s only a matter of time when major problems come home to roost. What you may not be able to do is fix everything all at once, so you need to prioritize the fixes. Here are a few things you should consider. 

Site Security

The security of your website doesn’t just protect you but it also protects your end users. If you’re at risk of hacking or other security problems, it’s essential that you focus on the issue to prevent your readers or customers from becoming victims. 

It’s okay that you’re not an expert. Site security is a complex issue and best discussed with a professional who can ensure your page is safe. 

Page Load Speed

The speed at which your page loads informs search engines about its viability as a site. You want to know that your page will load seamlessly to ensure you have the ranking you need to get new business. Several things affect page load speed, including images, plugins, and your design. 

It’s a good idea to evaluate the entire site to make sure it’s working properly, there are no broken links, and the images are consistent. 


You’ve probably heard that content is king, but what does this mean exactly. Search engines, like Google, rate pages based on new content. The more often your site updated, the higher it will be on the page. But the content can’t just be junk, it needs to be quality information. 

Keywords are still important, to a degree, but they need to be a part of information content that will draw readers, and search engines, to your site. 

User Experience

Another trend in web design today is known as user experience or UX. The concept is to create a page or site that draws users in and gives them a good experience. For example, consider the iPhone. Part of the reason it’s such a popular device is because it provides an easy to use experience for most people. 

You can create a website that has a good user interface and will draw more customers in and keep them engaged with your business. 

Call the Professionals

All of these challenges can be addressed when you work with a professional. It’s okay that you’re not an expert in security or user experience, you have a business to run. But you can partner with a company that does handle these aspects of your WordPress site. 

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