Is Your WordPress Backup Gone after 10 Days?

Your client called. They have a problem with their website that needs to be fixed immediately. After a quick look, you notice that you could roll back to a former update and solve the problem, but does that actually work? Using your backup to fix the current problem is only a short-term fix and it […]
6 things that slow down a page loading

Beyond Images: 6 Things That Slow Down Page Loads

As a designer, the images you use on your website are the most important focal point for your client businesses. You may spend hours putting together logos, graphics, and photos that tell the story of each company you work with. But these images can really slow down the page load speed. There are plenty of […]
Is your page load speed affected by your WordPress theme

Is Your Page Load Speed Affected by Your WordPress Theme?

WordPress themes are the backbone of the platform. You select a theme and customize it to fit your clients’ needs. From that, a creative and beautiful website is born. Themes allow you to design websites fast and effectively, but not all WordPress themes are created equal. Can the theme you choose affect the load speed […]
Page speed affected by theme

Is The Speed Of Your WordPress Page Affected By Plugins?

The thing many designers love about WordPress is the ability to customize a page using plugins. Most of the time, these third party tools that offer additional functions that WordPress does not. They can really help small businesses thrive and can make even commonly used themes feel individual. But plugins aren’t always rainbows and cupcakes. […]
Are abandon plugins dangerous

Are Abandoned Plugins Dangerous?

One of the many things that attracts users to WordPress is the ability to use plugins to customize the online experience for businesses and readers alike. What happens when a plugin becomes abandoned or neglected by its developers over time? Generally, the plugin itself will let you know when it needs to be updated by […]
What to do when google says site hacked

“This Site May be Hacked” says Google: Now What?

Your client calls you. They just heard from several customers who attempted to reach their website and received a warning. Their Google search says, “This site may be hacked.” What does that mean? Is the website safe? What do you need to do to fix it?  The longer you wait to fix issues like this, […]
What is HTTPS

What is HTTPS and Do You Need It?

You’ve probably noticed, if you’ve worked on established company domain names, that sometimes they say “Not Secure” at the browser search bar. This means the site address still starts with HTTP not HTTPS. But what does that mean? As a designer, your focus is on creating beautiful pages for your customers, but paying attention to […]
Hackers are not always looking for credit cards

Hackers Aren’t Looking for Credit Card Info on Your WordPress Site

We’re constantly hearing stories about hackers targeting websites to obtain the private data of millions of people. They may be after credit card information, tax information, or social security numbers. These kinds of data breeches can negatively impact individuals for years after the initial hack. And today, even more attention is being paid to our […]
Angry About Learning

I Hate This: What Learning Something You Hate Does to Motivation

You love design. You really love it. You enjoy pulling together the color palate, assembling images, creating logos. That’s where you shine. You can express your creative side and help your clients put their best foot forward. Designing websites is part and parcel of that process, right? In today’s digital space, a well-designed website is […]