4 Concrete Benefits of a Website Audit

Do you think you’re ready for a website audit to help you drill down to the problem areas and make improvements? Before you start, it might be helpful to know what you’ll get when you partner with a company to review your website top and bottom. Over the last few weeks we’ve discussed the critical […]

The High Cost of Not Reviewing Your Site

Since the dawn of the internet, websites have become the standard for a company’s online presence. The internet continues to evolve, but not everyone’s website is up to date. When was the last time you reviewed it, updated it, and promoted it? Or is your site static like a stack of brochures? If you haven’t […]

The Value of Knowing Your Competition

What you do is unique? But what if it isn’t? There are very few new ideas under the sun and ignoring potential competition won’t give you an advantage in the marketplace. How do you take time to compare your website and business plans to those of your competition? Here are a few steps you can […]

The 4 Most Critical Aspects of Your Website

Your website has a number of jobs. It’s there to bring people to your business. It informs potential customers about the work you do, how you do it, and tells your story. It can even function as a storefront to sell your goods and services. All of theses aspects are interconnected, but they come down […]
Prioritize WordPress Site Issues

Prioritize Problems on Your WordPress Site

The internet isn’t magic, no matter how much we want it to be. Most of us just want to turn it on and have it work. But when you’re running your own website on the WordPress platforms, it’s only a matter of time when major problems come home to roost. What you may not be […]

Is Your WordPress Page a Ticking Timebomb Without Updates?

You know people who don’t update their phones or computers on a regular basis. Some people wear it like a badge of pride. They get so annoyed with how the updates change things from what they’re used to, they can’t see the forest through the trees. The same is true with your WordPress site. If […]

How To Replace a Broken Plugin

Not again! The Plugin you’ve been using for your client’s site has broken and you need to find a replacement fast. It’s frustrating since you selected that plugin for a reason. It did exactly the things you needed it to do for your customer, and now you have to find another one. The instinct might […]
Plugin Troubleshooting from SiteTrustee

Plugin Troubleshooting 101: Does “Turn it Off and Turn It Back On Again” Work?

We all know the joke about do-it-yourself computer fixes: did you turn it off and turn it back on again? It’s funny because it’s true. There are so many times that simply flipping the switch is enough to trick your computer into shaping up. What happens when the website you’ve designed is giving you similar […]
Your website worked yesterday

Website Worked Yesterday But Not Today…Why?

There is nothing more frustrating than visiting a website only to find it broken. It’s doubly frustrating when the same site worked just 24 hours before, or less. What causes this seemingly immediate outage and how can it be fixed? As the designer, you’ve spent your time creating a beautiful client site, but when your […]